krogerfeedback – Survey – Win $100

Why does Kroger do customer surveys?

Customers who take the time to fill out the KrogerFeedback Survey have the opportunity to win a grand prize of $5,000 USD just for sharing their thoughts on their shopping experience. Users may take part in the survey at, the official survey website. Kroger takes customer input seriously, evaluates it, and makes adjustments as needed to improve the shopping experience for future customers. 

Take KrogerFeedback Survey

krogerfeedback - Survey - Win $100

krogerfeedback – Survey – Win $100

Customers who frequent Kroger stores may take part in a survey at for a chance to win some awesome items. Questions on items sold at Ralph’s, the Kroger pharmacy, and the City Market are all covered in these polls. Kroger takes all feedback seriously, including that provided via the KrogerFeedback Survey, and makes improvements where appropriate. Participating in the Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey is simple, and the rewards are worthwhile.

The poll includes questions on the professionalism of the employees, the deliciousness of the food, and the freshness of the ingredients. The customer’s identity remains hidden throughout the process. When it comes to promptly implementing changes that improve service quality, employee productivity, and overall performance, Kroger Feedback is hard to beat.

Gains and Prizes

When you take the time to fill out the online survey at Kroger, you’ll be entered into a drawing for either a $5,000 cash prize or one of 100 $100 gift cards.

Rules of Kroger Feedback Survey

  • Your odds of winning are in no way related to a purchase.
  • Only one respondent will be awarded each survey.
  • You must fill out the Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey within 7 days of getting your receipt. After 7 days, you will no longer be able to take part in the survey.
  • Minimum age is eighteen years old.
  • You are limited to 50 gallons of Kroger petrol. You are not permitted to take part in the Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey if you are a Kroger employee or a member of a Kroger employee’s immediate family.
  • Only the top 100 winners will share the grand prize.
  • Unauthorised animals are not allowed.

krogerfeedback - Survey - Win $100

What to do if you want to fill out the Kroger Feedback Survey

#1. Check out Kroger’s official webpage ( Please choose your preferred language to continue with this online survey. 

#2. Don’t forget to include the Kroger code from your receipt with the time and date of your shopping trip. These notations will appear on your Kroger receipt. 

#3. Please go to the Kroger Survey page. Please respond to each question on the survey form. This section’s questions will revolve on your most recent trip to a Kroger location.

Kroger’s Story

In 1883, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Bernard Kroger founded the Kroger Company. Kroger is the most profitable grocery store chain in the United States and the second most profitable retail business in the nation, after Walmart. It ranks as the 18th biggest company in America and the third largest retailer in the world. The company also ranks as the third biggest private employer in the country.

More than 2,770 grocery stores, hypermarkets, department stores, and superstores are part of the company’s network of operations. It also operates a large number of food processing plants in the United States in addition to its 325 jewellery shops, 2,120 pharmacies, 1,360 petrol stations, and other retail outlets.


Kroger pioneered the use of electronic scanners and consumer research in the 1970s, making it the first grocery chain in the United States to do so. To this day, the company is dedicated to keeping its flagship grocery store and retail location the most popular in all of United States.

This is why efforts have been made throughout time to solicit responses to consumer satisfaction surveys like the KrogerFeedback survey. The data collected is utilised to enhance the quality of the company’s offerings and the satisfaction of its clientele.

krogerfeedback - Survey - Win $100

Kroger Feedback Survey FAQ’s

  • Question:- What are the qualifications for taking part in the Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Answer- The Kroger Customer Survey is open to everyone who has made a purchase from the grocery store. The Kroger Customer Survey is only open to Kroger customers. A receipt from the shop is required as well.

  • Question:- How are the KrogerFeedback prize winners selected?

Answer- When all of the questions in a survey have been answered properly, the survey is complete. The administration then picks a fortunate recipient at random. Typically, the winners are announced on the tenth of the month.

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