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Tractor Supply Company recently launched an online poll to find out what its consumers think about its goods and services around the country. The Tractor Supply survey via the internet assists the organization in determining how pleased its consumers are with their goods, the quality of their service to customers, and the entire environment of their services. Tractor Supply customers deserve the finest possible experience. To that end, the business is always searching for consumer feedback at in order to improve your experience. - Win $2500 Gift Card - Tractor Supply Survey – Tractor Supply Survey

Nonetheless, the questionnaire will help the firm expand, and you may even win $2500 in gift cards. The survey can be completed online or by mailing.The Tell tractor supplies client poll is designed to gather important input regarding TSC Stores. It won’t take long; you’ll spend less than ten minutes completing questions throughout the complete survey.

During this time, you may use to share your thoughts and comments regarding existing Tractor Supply items and services in order to improve them. All companies strive for happy consumers since their accomplishment in this area quickly converts into loyalty, which implies repeat patron customers. Tractor Supply recognizes this element much too well to dismiss it, and it is one of their main priorities.

Tractor Supply Co. is continuously listening to its customers’ wants and expectations, and it conducts annual customer surveys to solicit input, which helps the firm improve its efficiency. Customer input will assist the organization in better understanding what its consumers are thinking about Tractor Supply Companies. You can support your company by expressing your thoughts and let tractor supply understand what they’re doing well and where they might enhance their goods and services.

Rewards of Tractor Supply Survey

This client poll will not leave participants empty-handed in exchange for their valuable time and effort. Members will be able to enter a competition to win a discount coupon from the franchise. A fortunate draw will be conducted, and one contender will be chosen as the winner. If you are the lucky winner, you will be informed by email and must respond within 10 days. If winners do not respond to communications within 10 days, their prizes will be forfeited.

Keep in mind that rewards are not redeemable or transferable for cash. The reward is a $2500 Tractor Supply gift card, which is not refundable and irreplaceable in the event of damage or loss. As a result, it is the winner’s obligation to keep his or her prize safe and secure. The big prize is limited to one per home every sweepstakes month. Winners can use the gift cards they received to enjoy discounts at any Tractor Supply shop. Tractor Supply questionnaire has a total ARV of $2500 every month. - Win $2500 Gift Card - Tractor Supply Survey

The poll will be done 12 times every year, and one fortunate winner will be chosen each month. Each month, a winner will be chosen at random from among all qualified survey participants. The number of qualifying surveys you complete determines your chances of earning the survey incentives.People who complete the survey will be eligible for the rewards. To enter or engage in the sweepstakes, there is no fee or commitment, and no purchase is required to win. Winners will be revealed on the eleventh day of each month, immediately following the drawing for the monthly survey sweepstakes.

Terms and Conditions

This brand’s customer loyalty survey is hosted on However, there are a few requirements and conditions for persons to become qualified to join, that are as follows

  • This poll is open to legal residents of the 48 United States, includes Hawaii & the District of Columbia.
  • Entrants must be at least 18 years old.
  • A recent ticket that is no more than 7 days old would suffice.
  • There are five ways to take part in this survey.
  • Each person is only permitted one entry each month.
  • Taxes (both municipal and federal) are used to provide incentives.
  • The awards awarded are non-transferable.
  • After establishing their identification, winners might need to wait 6 to 8 weeks before their reward to arrive.
  • Employees of the company and members of their immediate families are not permitted to participate.

Prerequisites for the Tractor Supply Online Questionnaire

  • To earn Tractor Supply incentives by answering their questionnaire, you must meet the following conditions.
  • A genuine purchase receipt that includes a survey code.
  • A consistent and unbroken internet connection.
  • Knowledge of how to use a mobile device, laptop, or PC to answer questions online is required.
  • A basic understanding that is either English or Spanish also essential.
  • Participants must provide a valid email address, cell telephone number, along with postal address in order to be contacted.

5 Methods to Enter the Tractor Supply Sweepstakes

There are five ways to enter this sweepstakes: online, by phone, by mail, by email invitation, and by online purchase invitation. Here’s how to become involved in every single one of these accessible techniques.

#1. Using a Phone Call

  • It is required to have a recently bought receipt with a request to Tell Tractor Supply’s survey.
  • To get started, dial their store telephone number.
  • You will receive a Tractor Supply promo code after completing this survey.

#2. Using the Mail-In Method

  • This strategy does not necessitate a purchase from a brand’s shop.
  • Only a 3′ by 5′ postcard is required.
  • In a postcard, write your name, date of birth, contact information, and address.
  • Mail this postcard with correct postage to Tractor Supply’s sweepstakes address, which is shown below:
  • Sweepstakes Tractor Supply Company/Del’s Monthly Survey,
  • Mound Road, 35610
  • Sterling Heights, Dept. 2045
  • MI 48310-4725.

#3. Method of Email Invitation

  • After making a purchase at any Tractor Supply shop, you will be invited to participate in its survey.
  • Use the invitation to take part in the company’s online survey.
  • Because this is also a web-based method, the steps are going to be same as the one described below, so adopt them.
  • Customers must enter the survey invitation codes they received via email.

#4. Method of Online Purchase Invitation

  • To begin, order something from any Tractor Supply location online.
  • Clients will be able to pick up their goods at that real store later.
  • Clients have to confirm their pickups via email once they have been picked up.
  • Use the URL in the email to access the online poll.

#5. Using the Online Method

  • Online entrants must make an order at any Tractor Supply or Del’s Store location.
  • They must have a current purchase receipt.
  • They can then visit the survey’s official website to provide comments.
  • To become eligible, one must now provide the code from their purchase receipt.
  • This procedure is described in full below. Please pay attention to those suggestions for clarification.

How Do I Take the Tractor Supply Online Inspection? - Win $2500 Gift Card - Tractor Supply Survey

  • Enter the questionnaire code from your most recent transaction.
  • To begin this survey, click the ‘Start’ button. - Win $2500 Gift Card - Tractor Supply Survey

  • Begin answering the questions on your screen. - Win $2500 Gift Card - Tractor Supply Survey

  • Begin by assessing your degree of satisfaction with the items, staff members, help, and staff understanding of this merchandise.
  • Entrants must provide personal information such as their home address, gender, age, and so on.
  • They must next supply their name, email address, phone number, and location.
  • Finally, fill out the survey form and submit it. Each participant will receive one entry into Tractor Supply’s monthly survey sweepstakes.
  • Winners of the Tractor Supply survey will be eligible for a $2500 gift card. Customer Survey Questions

The poll includes questions that are similar to those listed below:

  • Share your most recent visit, expertise, and overall rating.
  • Please rate the craftsmanship of our items.
  • Is our staff’s behavior satisfactory?
  • How was our consumer’s service?
  • Are the pricing for products reasonable?
  • Rate the cleanliness and hygiene of our store.
  • Please rate the precision of your order.
  • How frequently do you shop at our stores?
  • Rate the likelihood of your recommending one of our stores.

More Information on the Tell the Tractor Supply Poll Sweepstakes

A purchase is not necessary to win the Tractor Supply sweepstakes. Every consumer is welcome to take part in the poll at After the survey’s drawing time has ended, a random respondent will be picked for awards. The chosen participant of the quiz will be notified using the information given. If the winner violates any of the regulations, their award will be withdrawn. In these cases, the sponsor may hold another lottery and select another winner. The odds of winning, however, are determined by the number of qualifying entries gathered by the Sweepstakes completion date as well as the quantity of prizes available.

Contact Information for Tractor Supply

  • However, should you ever need to contact Tractor Supply staff, you can do so using any of the methods listed below:
  • Phone number: 877-718-6750
  • Email:
  • Tractor Supply Time: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. CST
  • Monday through Saturday 7 a.m.-9 p.m. CST; Sunday 8 a.m.-7 p.m. CST
  • Headquaters Address: Tractor Supplies Company, Attn:
  • Customer Service Center, 5401 the Commonwealth of Virginia Way, Brentwood, Illinois, TN 37027

About The Company

Tractor Supply Company (sometimes referred to as TSCO or TSC) is an American retail company that provides supplies for improvements to homes, agriculture, yard and garden upkeep, livestock, horse and pet care to recreational growers and ranchers, individuals with pets, and landowners. It was founded in 1938. The corporation has 2,000 locations and is based in Brentwood, Tennessee. It is a top 500 corporation that is publicly listed on the NASDAQ behind the ticker name TSCO.

Tractor Supply stores stock from 15,500 and 20,000 products, spanning work and recreational wear, lawn and garden tools, household supplies, fencing, vehicle beds, chicken cooperatives, pet food, and farm animal feed. Approximately 15% of in-store merchandise is specific to the store’s area. The firm sells around 125,000 and 150,000 goods online in thirteen product categories.

In 2020, the category of livestock and pet items made up 47 per cent of the business’s revenues. Hardware, tools, vehicle and towing supplies, and seasonal goods like lawn and gardening equipment, presents, and toys tied for the second-highest sales at 21 percent each. Clothing and footwear accounted for 7% of sales, while agricultural items accounted for 4%.In 2021, Tractor Supply’s unique brands accounted for 29 percent of overall sales. - Win $2500 Gift Card - Tractor Supply Survey

Last Thoughts

The client poll is one of the most popular online survey sites. Customers may complete surveys and receive points for buying. Our primary purpose is to raise awareness of the survey services so that individuals may earn point and cash prizes. As a consequence, we were able to provide consumers with precise details on Tractor Supply online/offline polls and how to use them in real life.Finally, whenever you consider doing a Tractor Supply questionnaires, keep the information provided above in mind. Now it’s your chance to seize this opportunity and become one of the winners of telltractorsupply rewards. FAQS

  • Question:- How can I check the amount on my Tractor Supply gift card?

Answer- Keep your Tractor Supply present card information and PIN available to check the amount of your gift card. Later, go to, call customer service, or visit any TSC location to check the amount.

  • Question:- How much is a tractor supply voucher is worth?

Answer- Tractor Supply coupons are available in amounts of $25, $50, and $100. If you complete the survey, you will be entered into a competition for the possibility to win $2500 in gift cards.

  • Question:- How can I obtain a Tractor Supply coupon?

Answer- Tractor Supply discounts and promotions may be found on the company’s official website or on its Facebook page. Otherwise, you can receive incentives by joining the Neighbor’s Club or by using the Company Credit Card.

  • Question:- How can I obtain the Tractor Supply Poll Winner List?

Answer- A list of recipients (available after 2/28/2023) can be obtained by submitting a self-addressed, stamped mail to Tractor Supply Company/Del’s Monthly Survey Recipients List 35610 Mound Drive Dept. 900 Sterling Elevated positions, MI 48310-4725 by 1/2/23. The list of winners will be displayed until March 31st, 2023.

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